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The Advantages Of A Kitchen Island

One of the most common trends and requests in recent times has been for the inclusion of kitchen islands in remodelled kitchens. Whether your kitchen is small, large or somewhere in between, there is an island to suit yours. There are also many advantages to having an island in your Coventry kitchen, which we will discuss below.

It creates a central focal point

Often with kitchens, we design them around the inclusion of a central kitchen island. They provide an arresting look for anyone entering a kitchen, and if large enough, they can be a feature for people to gather around naturally.

They can be an additional work surface

If you spend a lot of time and effort in your home kitchen in Coventry creating culinary masterpieces, then you might want to utilise your island as a separate workspace. If you bake a lot, the inclusion of an oven or integral cooling racks might be paramount to your design. Likewise, if you cook for a large family, built-in sinks and chopping blocks can significantly increase functionality.

It can be a seating area for family and guests

A kitchen island can offer a place for family and guests to sit while someone prepares a meal. They open up the possibility of creating a more social space in your kitchen, allowing people to come together more casually.

Extra storage space

If your present kitchen affords little in terms of storage space, then a kitchen island can be the answer. If you want to include cabinets, shelves, a wine rack or even a bookshelf, the choice is yours. The options are almost limitless in how you design the storage for your island. If you own a property in Coventry and would like to know how we transform kitchens with an island, contact us today.